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Buddha & the Scooter III

Continued from  Buddha & the Scooter II … days later my mother reached out to clarify. “It was the potential of the slow hover, and the silence, magically suspended above the earth that I mourned afterwards. A missed opportunity for a new and wonderful memory, lost.”   In her work, storyteller and social researcher Brené […]


Buddha & the Scooter II

Continued from Buddha & the Scooter … it was a deeply personal message, tied to a very specific memory of my mother. I took it as a sign that she would be okay. Here in the land of Buddha, I decided I might channel some inner compassion and rise above the uncomfortable emotions I was feeling […]


Buddha & the Scooter

Dust had woken up early to greet us; dawn was still hours away as we rolled further into Myanmar. The late January air was brash and I was traveling with a man I’d been in a long and challenging relationship with. He and I were several weeks into a long trip through South and Southeast […]


Dick Head. Up & Around.

Ex-US Vice Prez, Dick Cheney, was said to be recovering heartily after a transplant of his original, tuckered-out ticker. Cheney trade in Frankenstein’s heart for a fresh one. Dick Head was also feeling full of piss and vinegar following some weekend repairs.